Eagle Marine Engineering

Unit 1, 7 Union Street, Stepney, South Australia 5069
Ph/Fax (08) 8363 0463
Email enquiries@eaglemarineengineering.com.au

Inboard Marine Hardware Specialist


Propellers in AB2
12" - 40" diameter

Repair and straightening of aluminium and bronze propellers.

Underwater Equipment
Skegs, logs, rudders, etc.

Prop Shafts

⅞" to 4"+
316 Stainless steel
SAF 2205
Aquamet 22
Manufactured to USL code design.
Lapped and blued, inspected if required.

Rudder and Stern Tube Bushes manufactured in Vesconite - all sizes.

Pattern making

1-off designs for castings in Gunmetal©, bronze and aluminium.

Distributor for

PSS Mechanical Shaft Seals

Supplier of

Polyflex Coupling and Engine Mounts.
Seabis Stray Current Detectors to eliminate electrolysis corrosion.